Kelsie H. – Testimonial

“When my husband and I mentioned we were looking for a house, a relative introduced us to Sandy Wolfe. I warned her we might be difficult. Even so, Sandy and her business partner Jeff (who is also her son, which I love!) were wonderful. We looked at many properties together, and their combined knowledge was incredibly helpful. They were very quick to move on anything we showed an interest in. They never second-guessed us when we walked away from properties we had considered, and always remained confident that we would find the right home (which helped me do the same!). Of course they were right. In the end our home turned out to be more perfect for us than we had dared to hope! And, without getting into all the details, it literally never would have been possible without Jeff and Sandy. For anyone who thinks realtors are interchangeable, I have no doubt that we would still be looking for our home with any other realtor in town. Instead we are thrilled to be starting an exciting new chapter of our lives – I hardly have the words to express our gratitude!”

— Kelsie H. , Client